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Handyman Services.
We fix things around your house so you don't have to.


Who We Are

We are a handyman service company and  we can help you with any maintenance issue you have in your home.
The way we work is simple, we will have one  of our technicians stop by and look at all the  issues you have, If needed he will go to  purchase all the materials and go back to you to finish the work the same day.
You  can also have all the materials ready for him and he will stay there to do the work for as  long as required, materials price (if any)will be added to the final invoice and our rates  are $65hr per Technician and we charge a  minimum of 2 hours $130.

areas we serve

-Fort Lauderdale 
-Lighthouse Point 
-Coconut Creek
-Pompano Beach 
-Boca Raton